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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  August 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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most of it is in medina. that cluster shows quite a bit of lightning. moving to eastern medina county 147 cloud to ground lightning strikes. it is still only in the hundreds as opposed to thousands range yesterday. clusters, but nothing severe at this time. skies are cloudy and sultry. looking at the forecast with dick goddard coming up in just a bit. the damage was done, thousands are still in the dark. >> ,check with first energy there are 7,000 homes without power i cuyahoga countyy that is the mo of any county in the state the
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county with 323 and lorain county is 102, there still so many downed trees and wires, especially lakewood is where ed roosevelt leftwich begins coverage. >> > lots of work left to d their. >> there is still tons of work. behind me you can see this tree smashed onto this house in lakewood. want clean up the their here to remove part of thisis before we get another rainfall. cleanup and try to get things somewhat back to normal. >> t, rainfall but thought of strong winds. large old trees were brought down in lakewood wednesday. sheila bailey says the tree was to be removed in a couple weeks bututth mother nat the chainsaws.
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buckling the roof and wall. >> all into the rafters in pop star twicen into the ceiling an has come down into the other room. >> and it goes all way into the backyardit. >> a the trees that give lakewood its name came down in yard smacking down power lines, firs energy crews are busy friday trying to reconnect host of the they had to be cautious and hav been busy. >> sitting hours each day for the past three or four days. >> that everybody will get the power back quickly, and this chart are some power lines also eight nissan sentrahi a and the summer, it looks like the top o the tree was sawed off. and do not know if it was damaged by
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he is grateful that it fell where it did. >> they could have taken up the house and just thankful that my family is safee with nobody injuredw and all the place that could've fallen, i guess that i picked the right place. >> besides chainsaws and woodchipper's another sound you will hear is large cranes movin in to take out tons of wo the homeowner was going to have this tree removed in a couple weeks because of dead tree branches, and the long run, goodell for here and many other places is dueue get the cleanup done and power restored because there are several dozen homes and lakewoodod waiting for powe to be turned back on.
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thank you roosevelt leftwich on the west side, now to the easte. >> > dave nethers is an clevela heights where they have just as big of a mess tonight. >> e here an cleveland heights this evening, all over our pile of debris this is probably a entire tree that came down. they have a lot of work to do but are making progresst. >> after days of storms, they continue to remove large trees and tree limbs across a large swath of cleveland heights. >> progress is made after powerful winds during storms tuesday left a mess with power still out to 1,000 people and cleveland heights fridays00 they were going from one job to another.
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many area homes and businesses including the marketet , there is a restocking shelves in freezer cases afterr throwing up thousands of dollars of perishable food. >> talk about fresh meat, seafood, delhi, derek frozen foods. >> they lost an estimated $90,000 of perishables because of the storm.. try to get most of the frozen stuff that we can the high-priced of especially meats. many here are still trying to clean up. restoration crews were beginning the proces of rebuildingio the home hair after a massive tree t crashed into the home.
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the back home as to be rebuilt as well as part of the roofs she said she was here whe this happened the most terrifying thing she has experienced when a tree fell o the home many people very happy they had sunshine, opportunity to make progress an theya certainly have doing this cleanup. >> cl give them a chance to catch their breath, the good news is thatch everybody is okay, than you dave nethers. >> i-team found many were hit hard by storms made a common mistake. it could hold up help to people who need the helpd immediately ash ed gallek has this what have you learned?
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first thing you want to know is how long will it be off? but watch with the i-team found people doing to find out ? >> on thursday, powerful winds blew through northeast ohio knocking out power causing damage and eas the callsls that poured intol the dispatchers not just about emergencies, but also about the power. >> stbon days like this to plea get swamped with callsd and questions that they cannot answer about the electricity. >> it is just an aggravation that we can do
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turner says it happens all the time during meijer stores a sti calling the power company to call the policeer including 911 lines to tie up dispatch handling emergency. >> if you would call the power company for car was stolen, i don't think so? >> uhefoif you wanted to report power outage or check and repairsrs, chances are he will speak to a human being. they have an automated phone system to report power outage the nasty weather heads most likely the police cannot shed any light on it for you.
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go to fox 8 to report power outages and check the website t seeow repair schedules. >> people need to remember to call the utility companies. >> a reminder from first energy said lot at times here in the dark and youof think that maybem neighbor called but maybe they did not and sometimes they wil use the number of calls in aa particular neighborhood to gaug where to gola to make repairs based on volume of >> falling vacant some breaking news from the point.ohio near toledo van carrying a high school water polo team involved in fatal crashsh the same 19 wo dead and five injured criticall the team is from worthington kilbourne high school near columbus, there were going to a tournament in northwest ohio
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semi truck, he said the van driver did not yielda and was h from the side. >> marching band program at streetsboro high school has bee cher bono suspended after allegations that bandmembers were hazeda during summer camp, jack shea joins us. >> rija two directors of the band have been put on leave as officials investigate these allegations.n >> members of high school marching bandh take partn in a summer camp each yea to establish a sense of teamwor but something went wrong at thi year's campmp earlier this mont. >> three, we can have esprit de corpsw in team building intimidating someonen or harassing them or bowling them. >> streetsboro superintendent r. mike daulbaugh since received complaintsts that a number of bandmembers may have beent haze during activities set of true
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school policy that prohibit hazing and bowling. >> there were some skits performed and some of these things that perhaps there was some inappropriate behavior tha occurred. >> r ha i was surprised at the allegations of hazing because i know that t the teachers involv are excellent teachers as the debtor conducts a full investigationon has been temporarily suspended the band director gretchen weaver and assistant director shane ellsworth have been put o paid administrative leave . >> any allegation that they participated or just allow that to happen? >> y are prelims investigation shows that both allowed and possibly participatedow >> it is located in carroll county the sheriff says that no incidents were reported to his
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about what happened the school is looking for a teacher to fil in asas band director, it's too bad that the students worked al summer and now they are caught in the middle. >> e monday morning cost more to get around if you use the rta, rate increase goes into effect sunday, bus and rapid fares increase by 5 cents all-day pa will cost extra 50 cents, senior citizen, disabled and student rateses in the park-and-ride fares also increasing along with the increased their reducing servic by 3 percent trying to close a
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characters in the documentary o making a murderer, assume brendan dassey will be a free
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that's go to little italyly throughout the weekend one of the oldest cleaving festivals,the the feast of the assumption began about 15 minutes ago is celebrates a telling food, live music, carnival ride's and runs throug monday. we've had reports of some pretty substantial rainfal amounts and as you can see our radar they are moving along and hope to see you tomorrow at dru mart and independence.. we'll have some bobbleheads to make money for the animals to eat on and 3:00 p.m. tomorrow in independence. remind you to, d not leave kids or pets in hot cars they have been 60 fatalities of youngsters left i hot cars.
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of 92 , will be a bit less than that for the weekend, tomorrow at the independence drug mart i'll have bobbleheads and lots of fox 8 things. my house is getting rained on and medina can see the lightning, over 1,000, an increase of about 300 in the last half-hour. looking out this pattern. some of the rainfall amounts would be prett significant.f but not overall rainfall. a flood watch will bebe beginning overnight into sunday. waves of between two and 4 feet.
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lake water camp 77 degrees.
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that will likely set off another round of showers, tonight 's party with the overnight low in the mid to upper 70s.. tomorrow about 85. a good chance of more widesprea showers/storms and pockets of heavy rain fall. and then on sunday, a high of 81 degrees then monday back to the low 80' and once again tomorrow had lots of requests for bobbleheads. into my knowledge nobody holdin a bubblehead was hit by severe weather and if you are then i will give you a refund will be
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tomorrow to one and 3:00 p.m. and hope to see you there. >> s another year of browns football is upon us, jg is a preview of tonight's preseason game's.
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j.t. joins us, is this the beginning of the rg3 era? >> it is the beginning of the q jackson era. as for griffin, it's a chance to restart his career,f but a great deal of faithut behind rg3 the coach ha one offense against the packers. he went from rookie of the year two plain defensive back on the scout team and did he doubt tha he could come back? >> hehejust never down. that if you do not believe, then who well? so i'm thankful to my keep the teenage and coach. the coach k uva an opportunity. >> orlooks like lebron james is full speed aheaa
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>> agreed to contract terms, three-year deal worth about $100 million. lebron james and his agent rich paul posted a photo of him signing the contract. it has not been officially announced, cavaliers can make it known soon. expected to sign jr smith, were not sure when that will happen. >> s how is carlos santana doing. >> last night he was hit by friendly fire, frankie lindor mind went into the indians dug out and santana was hit, he was shaken up, they said that he ha aa head contusion, he's not in the lineup and says he feels okay he said to concussionsc an does not feel that this is that but they still want to be
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upset? >> if you don't want your olympic spoiler, turn away, sweden beat in the us women's national soccer team on penalty kicks they say that is equal to thety miracle on ice from 1980 d despite beating the best time b 12 seconds,, clayton murphy has made the semifinalss and 800 meters. the ravens last phelps was winning and unprecedented 22nd gold medal bookd the olympics on the big screen during the exhibition to see him make history. >> ex euclid panthers football team entering your number two under their coach they had a very stellar for season winning two
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divisional round before they lost to open against the tarblooders. and beware of friday night touchdown is 11:00 p.m., august 26 join us it is high school football covered like no other on august 26, 11:00 p.m. fox 8. does not matter when served, your effort are appreciated, in support of the fox 8 foxtrot will benefit
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>> .
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came from i believe john tabor and downtown cleveland, he did moving time lapse. sounds like there will be some issues comin up >> a few thunderstorms, let's start with a time lapse. add burke lakefront airport, began with mostly sunny skies today. sportinge mid-level, black clouds. that suggest it is a little more stable atmosphere. there was a shower that just crossedd north of the field. most the activity to the west with the cold front that will move in tomorrowvhe afternoon that's where the flood watch goes into effect saturday afternoon untila sunday. and then we have a peppering of
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this is storm fox, street-level doppler radar some of the from burke lakefront airport, a few more in the middle of lake erie, you can se this cluster exiting medina county. this is near twins work and of hinckley. notice that lightning is still
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we hit a high today of 90 to about 1:30 p.m. the 22nd day of 90 plus temperatures someone asked of that was a record and that's not even close, the record was 37 days 90 plus temperatures anything close to that was 36 in 1988. tonight 76, tomorrow 85, not as hot because the cloud cover wil be thick pretty fast although w will start fairly rain free in the morning. then we have a line of showers/storms think it's going. then it looks like it will continue
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potential of between one and 4 inches of the rain persists some computer models indicate between one, one half inches i think that it will be too low that most everybody will see some significance i wow of 1 in more. the area saturday, may linger into sunday with a high of 81 the next week it does not go anywhere near the '90s we will be in the low to mid 80s mostly afternoon friday on tuesday. generally, it appears to be a quieter week, not as hot/humid. a mother who excited to see her son start seventh grade on monday tonight once h death asda 12-year-old ameer mitchell was run over by a truc
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wednesday as bill sheil spoke t the motheret. >> he wanted to be an engineer, but his life ended with his senseless death. >> on a is cleveland street where children play a mother tried to save her child wednesdavet, 12-year-old ameer mitchell after he was run over by a truck. >> 's injuries were too great and he died on thursday at university hospitalslsd. >> on roxbury road, there was sadness mixed with anger. >> east cleveland police say of the truck driver turned herself in thursday the nonstop
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you do not leave a child, you do not leave a dog, much less a child. >> leveit is a short street wit speed limit signsis. they're talking about putting up speed bumps,,'r and one of them has a sign in your front yard. >> y now she's getting ready to say goodbye to her boy, robbed of his future. >> he had aspirations, he had things that he wanted to do, he wanted to be someone. >> the police say that the driver of the truck, starlesha
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neighbor said there thinking of putting no speed bumps to slow down traffic. >> elevator at the rta rapid operating, they were forced to use other stops of your wheelchairs are to said they would have the problem fixed an that happened. >> rta acquitted in parma man who set up a fake police taser page and s posting comment twic of-year-old anthony novak faced felony charges of disrupting public services, they say he cause confusion when he created the page that looks very simila
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found him not guilty after one day of testimony.f they stole ikes and tvs and denied cleveland police say two men behind the crime now the need help to put them behind bars before they strike again here's a gabe spiegel. >> tonti bikes into tv stolen, they're asking for help to identify the two ment who they say are to blame, caught on video july 30, break into the away with the goods. they left in a silver honda to make their escape they say that this is ou of the norm.t >> we have been here since 2,005
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usually can't quickly. >> we called a spokesman said that to make a new changes to ensure that this does not happe again. >> police investigate after another attempt to smash and grababin about 3:30 a.m. at the exchange and 79th and superior they used a stolen minivan dispassion to the building, the atm was still intact, no word i they got any money for they ran away. >> streetsboro police arrested a man involved in stealing $6,000 worth of eyeglass frames. he faces felony theft charges, is out the clear vision center las monthth it shows two women work with him they say that they wil
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tim canton firefighters get there job back thanks to a new grant they had to lay off ten firefighters at the end of apri due to budget cuts the union wa asked to makea $190,000 concession though they were already 30 below. this week to learn that they were getting a 1.4.4 $5 million grant no word when the firefighters will return. >> ot to pay tuition they said that they were sent in erroror and i working on a solution. some expressing frustration on twitter , tuition payments are due today classes to begin on the august 29. state appeal a federal judge order like a stat law intended to divert public m
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permanent injunctionon it was initially set to take effect in may but the court order and suspended it. >> a judge overturned the conviction of a man serving tim in the murder t at the center o documentary making a murderer. brendan dassey was convicted fo the rape and murder of teresa halbach new 17 her death and th trial center ofwh the netflix series jury found every guilty of first-degree intentional homicide,g his testimony was instrumental in the convictiono that the state does not refile this case, he will be released in 90 daysfifi he is also curre appealing his conviction.
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does not matter how long you served or i was during war peacetime,s the cleveland va medical center
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>> vevethe foxtrot is helping veterans, as gabe spiegel tells us how the support will benefit those who have givenge much. >> us department of veterans affairs has been taking care of service men and women who serve and protect weather during peac or returning from old or new. >> our goal at the va is to serve thema >> whether looking for it today or ten years down the line there is health, education, home loans, life insuranceuc, healthcare, whenever the need, the va can help if you served i any branch of the military for any length of time at any time, may qualify for benefits. >> > aywe have a variety of ser availablevi that actually makes
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the time after leaving the military and to pla lives as relates to the next step ron stalzer is a vietnam veteran, he served in vietnam and the navy from s 1966 until upon his release he did not qualify for benefits but with recent changes he's taking what the va offers. >> wis such relief because i was robbing peter to pay paul to take care of medical issues. i was not taking care of things that need to be taken care of because i do not have the moneye so those are the kinds of thing that are a big relief for me. >> atnot all the programs are federally funded, and that's wh we need your help to join us fo then fox 8 foxtrot on august 28 let's help the veterans to heal and enjoy the freedoms that the
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mission, to take care of our nation's heroes. >> i could go wherever i want t for health care but i go to the vaer as i feel that they take better care of meas than any pl else. >> gabe spiegel fox 8 news. >> if you're not sure if you qualify, invite you to join use at the foxtrot. >> the va will be there and th ask that you bring youril dd214 discharge papers in a form of i and they will put you in the system to see what you may qualify for. >> t are just two weeks away fo the j fox 8 foxtrot presented b northern ohio honda dealers. can still register for the 5-k or 1 mile walk on sunday august 28. >> this year supporting veterans at louis stokes cleveland va medical centerers disco to fox
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>> a young boy that we've come to know over the pastst few yea has lost his battle with cancer as stefani schaefer has the story. >> > tlfe carson higgins was our st jude ambassador. the 12-year-old had been battling neuroblastoma since the age of three , he was a remission when we first met him during w our first st. jude dream home giveaway in 2013 this past thanksgiving, he returned to st jude after he relapsed,, the cancer was not responding to th treatment , he died yesterday o vacationh in las vegas. for th past four weeks, he and his family were visiting the places that he wanted to seehi >> these are pictures from that special time with his family.. we will remember him as a
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and never complained despite although the painful treatments endured during treatments..coco join us in sending your thoughts and prayers toto family, he will be missed.
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the budweiser clydesdales coming to cleveland. >> and they will at the corner of here on and here on east fourth tomorrow between five and seven. then pray down here on into progressive field. for th tribe game, indians versus angels atan 710. on friday we go to the cuyahoga county animal shelter and valley view, east of independence. and kennel number 24, ethanan is a handsome pound boxer he is playful loves his toys and games.. he is supremely.
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and also number 32a2-year-old pit bull female. she is social was people and other dogs. she enjoys time spent in playgroups also the attention from the volunteers.s. think of a better way to spend a day. this affectionate hound in kennel number 44 name is martian. and number 58, a retriever mix. sh
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through her puppy training she is eager to earn treat so come down to see pharaoh inr number 58. we can add a 4-year-old fox terrier mix, this guy can be shy about new experiences but with patienceg he will be a perfect companion. he is very particular about his canine friends. stop by this weekend
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welcome. my friend from voices low dark will be at the shelter with cat up for adoption and hope to see you at the drug mart, will be there with bobbleheads between one and 3:00 p.m. at the drug mart bh in independence between one and 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. >> suspected miamimi thief comes up with unique way to get the judge's attention. >> the 30-year-old calvin griffith decided to twerk durin his bond hearing, judge was not amused. discharge with burglary and trespassing. for allegedly stealing a car from a high
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but the most intelligent thing to do in a courtroom.
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this is a look from the roofcam. in the latest on cleanup after the storms, who at first what anymore storms, that might be heading our way. >> andre keeps a close eye on >> some thunderstorms tonight, nothing severe, more garden-variety. show you the radar having some showers. partly cloudy skies for most of the backyards. looking at the showers/storms working from


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